TAROM Funeral Home has been involved in funerals and stonemasons for over 25 years

We have many years of experience in providing funeral services, so you can be sure that we will organize the funeral professionally, but at the same time with great sensitivity. We have already been trusted by many people in need of help in the field of official formalities and in organising a burial for a loved one.

Trust in our services

We realise that we often arrange the funeral of the deceased for the first time in our lives – we do not trust the person to whom we order the service, which is why we serve in the office with our recommendations of families who have used our company.

We treat each of you individually, adapting to the requirements and financial capabilities.

We have qualified employees who will take care of your affairs honestly, responsibly, respecting the religious beliefs of the deceased person and your feelings. We take care of the immediate family, we act with kindness and understanding, helping to make decisions in this difficult moment.

The company was founded in Wrocław, currently we provide services throughout the country and abroad. At your request, we will organize a funeral in the country with the importation of a person close to your heart from abroad, road, air or sea transport, so that it can rest in your own country.