We will help you complete the formalities related to the burial.

Funeral Ceremony Services:

  • Creation of hourglasses providing information about the funeral and the publication of obituaries on internet portals, in local and national newspapers.
  • Preparation of the body for the funeral by specialists certified by the Institute of Thanatology.
  • Provision of clothing for the deceased person according to the wishes of the family.
  • A wide selection of coffins, urns, wreaths, bouquets, and funeral accessories.
  • Organization of the funeral, including the option of cremation.
  • Grave digging services.
  • Procession with specialized funeral vehicles.
  • Arrangement of musical accompaniment for the funeral ceremony (organist, musicians, and musical services, such as trumpeters, violinists, tenors, choirs, and orchestras), as well as the provision of sound equipment at cemeteries during the procession and the funeral ceremony.
  • Master of ceremonies.
  • Funeral assistance at parish cemeteries, religious cemeteries, and communal cemeteries in Wrocław, and outside the city throughout Poland.
  • Buses and coaches for funeral attendees.
  • Assistance in organizing wakes.
  • Stonemasonry services (disassembly of tombstones for funerals).