Funeral services
Tarom Tarnowski Roman

Our two service points are located in the city of Wrocław, but we provide funeral services throughout the country. We also organize the transportation of deceased individuals from abroad to the country – international transportation of the deceased.

  • 24-hour pickup of the deceased from the place of death (corpse transport) after personal or telephone notification, at the following phone numbers: +48 603 604 649 or +48 (71) 342 59 50.
  • Transport of the deceased to the morgue.
  • Preparation and preservation of the deceased for the funeral.
  • National and international transportation of deceased individuals, as well as handling all necessary formalities at offices, embassies, and consulates.
  • Completion of formalities on your behalf at the cemetery and in offices (arrangement of death certificates at the Civil Registry Office).
  • We offer non-cash settlement of costs under the funeral allowance program (ZUS, KRUS, MSWiA, or Military Retirement and Pension Offices).
  • Funeral organization (farewell, scheduling).
  • Cremation.
  • Creation of hourglasses announcing the funeral and publication of obituaries on online portals and in local and national press.
  • Funeral ceremony services (grave digging, procession, funeral assistance, musical accompaniment, etc.).
  • Wide selection of funeral accessories (coffins, urns, reliquaries, clothing for the deceased, shrouds, crosses, grave plaques, wreaths, bouquets).
  • Assistance in organizing wakes.
  • Organization of the transportation of funeral attendees.
  • If needed, we can connect you with a translation service, a lawyer, a company assisting accident victims, and a financial advisor.
  • Stonemasonry services.
  • Exhumation services.
  • Grave care services.
  • Possibility of constructing masonry graves.
  • Installation of wooden grave enclosures.
  • Stone, metal, ceramic, and wooden urns.
  • Funeral accessories.
  • Store and sale of coffins, urns, and funeral wreaths.


On your behalf, we will complete all the necessary formalities at the offices:

  • Death certificates at the Civil Registry Office.
  • Funeral allowance at the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS – Zakład Ubezpieczeń Społecznych), which covers the funeral expenses.
  • Non-cash settlement within the framework of the funeral allowance, including financing the service until the allowance is received.
  • Determining the funeral date.

Required documents to be submitted to the funeral home:

  • Death certificate issued by a doctor, based on which the Death Certificate is issued at the Civil Registry Office.
  • Personal identification of the deceased person and their spouse, Tax Identification Number (NIP), and passport (if the deceased person’s passport is valid).

For non-cash settlement of the funeral, the funeral home is authorized, and the following documents are required:

  • Retirement or disability pensioner’s ID or a certificate from the employer for the deceased with pension or disability insurance.
  • Information on the pension and disability insurance of the person handling the affairs.

Tarom funeral company

In our culture, a funeral is a religious and moral duty through which we show respect for the deceased person. We are a company that has extensive experience in organising funeral ceremonies and completing formalities on your behalf.

We want this last farewell to a person close to you to be an unadulterated time of reflection. We provide help, information and professional advice at any time. As a special help, at the request of the closest family for the elderly and disabled, we can do all formalities related to the organisation of the funeral at your home.